No. 4 (2019)

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Published by Yayasan Aliansi Cendekiawan Indonesia Thailand, internationally known as Indonesian Scholars' Alliance, the Proceedings of the International Conference on Applied Health and Science (No.4, 2019) raises the efforts to develop health and well-being for better society such as factors of illness, epidemiology, health promotion, health policy, nutrition, environmental health and safety, nursing and midwifery, and other sciences related to health development. 

Addressing issues in the philosophy of “Science for the mankind”, ICASH 2019 raises the efforts of the scholars in translating research results into policy and practices, for a better society. The contents of this year publication were divided into 6 main groups: (1) Health service and management from the perspectives of the providers and users; (2) Health education and promotion; (3) Nutrition and health behavioral intervention; (4) Health education, service and management; (5) Maternal and child health; and (6) Applied science in health. 

Published: 2019-08-25