The design of radiology viewing box using light emitting diode and potentiometer

Anak Agung Aris Diartama, Susy Suswaty, Win Priantoro, Sugiyanto Sugiyanto, Sudiyono Sudiyono, M. Choiroel Anwar, Leny Latifah, Aris Santjaka, Faisal Amri, Donny Kristanto Mulyantoro


Background: In the process of work to gain the maximum results, a radiologist needs a viewing box tool to read radiographs. Therefore, the authors want to develop a viewing box tool, which in general the work if this tool resembles the factory manufactured tool. The viewing tool box made can adjust the intensity of the light produced.

Objective: to create a viewing box tool by using a potentiometer system.

Methods: This study used applied research method by creating and using the design of viewing box tool by using a potentiometer system and testing the viewing box tool created by using a Lux meter and 15 respondents consisting of five radiologists and 10 radiographers who should fulfill the questionnaire form.

Results: The mean of viewing box illumination reached 220 lux. The results of the questionnaire showed that 100% radiologist gave an A (excellent) and expressed that the viewing box tool created could be used properly and 90% radiographers provided an A (excellent) and expressed that the viewing box tool created could be used properly, while 10% radiographer gave a value of B (moderate).

Conclusion: viewing box tool created could be used properly and obtained optimal results as a tool in reading radiographs. Potentiometer system contained in the viewing box was very helpful in reading radiographs because it allowed to adjust the light intensity according to user needs.

Keywords       :  Viewing box, Potentiometer

Bibliography   : 1980-2011

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